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Jumpy is a platform game where the objective is to find the golden walnut, because it's gonna help Jumpy find his way home.

- This app contains absolutely no annoying ads or in-app purchases. -

Make no mistake, Jumpy is not like other platform games.

You control jumpy by swiping your finger anywhere on the screen, no pesky on-screen-joystick needed.

Change orientation by rotating your mobile unit at any time to see more of the level, in order to find clues on how to gain progress in the levels.

Each level is hard, to find the solution you will need your problem solving skills to figure out how to complete the level, often using the laws of physics.

Use levers to open or move objects and portals to teleport to other places.

Beware of angry birds, deep water, green slime and boiling lava because that stuff will hurt Jumpy!

The only thing you know for sure is that there is a golden walnut in each level - how to get there, you must find out yourself.

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